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Pink News Editor | January 10, 2019

HAPPY 2019! What's in store for the new year? Our experts weigh in on expected ITSM trends for 2019, Pink's CEO - Fatima Cabral - delves into Pink's ITIL involvement throughout its history and what you can look forward with ITIL 4, and GamingWorks' Paul Wilkinson guest blogs about DevOps and leadership challenges! Scroll down to read more.

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The 5 Most Popular Pink Blogs Of 2018

Pink News Editor | December 24, 2018

At Pink Elephant, we want to make sure we tell you like it is.

Individually and collectively, our thought leaders and experts work hard throughout each year to keep you informed about the latest information and trends in the IT service management industry. 2018 has been a very active year for Pink Elephant. Our blogs have covered a wide range of topics that vary from Agile and artificial intelligence, to Change Management and DevOps, to ITIL 4 and Integrated Service Management, to Lean Leadership and Lean Kaizen, to Organizational Change Management and Problem Management and Service Strategy.

As 2018 draws to a close, let’s take a look at the five blogs that resonated with you the most.

Webinar Highlights: Mistakes, Missteps & Mistletoe – Using Relationship Management To Its Full Potential

Forget Being Naughty, It’s Time To Be BRM-Nice!

The camaraderie, goodwill, and harmony of the holiday season should be reflected in our relationships with our colleagues and business partners throughout the year. Rather than assign a business relationship management (BRM) role to a business partner (like a lot of organizations do) and then abandon them to it, embrace the concept. Give the gift of guidance to the BRM role because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report

The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report, which was recently released by Insight Enterprises Inc., assesses IT industry trends as well as the primary concerns, challenges, advantages and decisions facing IT professionals. The report is based on a survey that analyzed information from over 400 respondents who are IT professionals and responsible for at least two of the following areas:

  • Management and supervision of IT systems
  • Determining IT needs for their company
  • Approving or selecting IT consultants.

We’ve highlighted the four key findings and what it means for IT professionals and the organizations they work for:

Pink’s experts at SearchCIO

Pink News Editor | September 19, 2018 ITSM Expert Team

SearchCIO’s Ask The Experts section is a treasure trove of wisdom and advice by IT experts on a wide variety of topics, and recently Pink’s own experts have added their own gems! 

Here is what Gary Case and Charlie Miles, both principal consultants with Pink Elephant, have recently contributed to SearchCIO’s repository.