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David Ratcliffe, President

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As a prolific blogger, industry commentator and speaker, David offers insightful and practical solutions to real-life issues in the areas of IT leadership and ITSM. He’s quoted as saying “There’s so much theory and dogma about – it’s almost suffocating! I can promise everything you hear from me will be real-life, practical and relevant!”

1-2-3 Now 4!

Last week Axelos went public with the news that the "ITIL update" (which has been over 2 years in the works) will be called - wait for it - "ITIL 4"! I guess with the current version of ITIL being called "ITIL v3" - it didn't take a team of geniuses to come up with the name "ITIL 4". Although have you noticed the subtlety? It's not "ITIL v4" but "ITIL 4".

At Pink we've been working under NDA with Axelos for some time to help chart out what should be in this new version, and how it will be presented to the public at large. But that's not to say this is a new body of knowledge created by an elitist group. Axelos have sought input from many hundreds of people in all corners of the globe with the question "What would you like to see in an updated ITIL?"

It’s All About Integrated Service Management

The scope of IT Service Management (ITSM) – as we’ve known it for almost 30 years – has been increasing recently.

Not only do we still have the core processes for ITSM, but we also have some related practices and guidance to help us address ITSM in the context of the fast changing business demands we’re all experiencing today. We’re talking Lean & Agile here.

Each of these provides additional approaches and value to help ensure that IT objectives and results are what the business really needs.

But it’s not all about documented practices. 

So What Might You Be Struggling With?

David Ratcliffe, President | November 22, 2017

If you asked a collection of Consultants to tell you what they believed their customers were struggling with, one of the most frequent replies might be something like “How to implement DevOps ...” or “How to implement Agile ...” or Lean, or ITIL, or IT governance, or cyber resilience, or whatever. Notice how each of these things are really just the “means” to something (delivering quality IT services), and not the “end”.