2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report

The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report, which was recently released by Insight Enterprises Inc., assesses IT industry trends as well as the primary concerns, challenges, advantages and decisions facing IT professionals. The report is based on a survey that analyzed information from over 400 respondents who are IT professionals and responsible for at least two of the following areas:

  • Management and supervision of IT systems
  • Determining IT needs for their company
  • Approving or selecting IT consultants.

We’ve highlighted the four key findings and what it means for IT professionals and the organizations they work for:

IT budgets leave tech experts wanting more. This often results in the budgets not being adequate or the budgets not growing fast enough. The report indicates IT managers feel constrained by their organization’s financial resources and that the largest portion of the 2018 IT budgets will go towards the maintenance of existing equipment and infrastructure. At the same time, two-thirds of the IT professionals gave their current IT infrastructure a grade of B-.

The demand for IT talent is reshaping organizations. Almost half of the IT professionals at large companies – and 40% at medium companies – identify talent retention and attraction as a top technology concern. In addition, the two main concerns that keep IT professionals up at night is security and the lack of in-house talent specializing in big data. As a result of investing in cloud services, 64% of IT professionals report a more flexible and/or collaborative IT environment and 61% report better remote access.

IT experts need a hand. Due to the complexity of their IT processes, IT professionals are investing in managed services. More than a third (37%) of IT professionals relies on managed services to free up their internal IT resources. The pressure to not only fulfill today’s operational needs while also evolving for the future will require professionals to have broader skill sets, additional processes, and cutting-edge tools.

After investing in the cloud, the future is bright. Almost 100% of the organizations that invested in the cloud in 2017 consider the services are beneficial to their organization. In fact, businesses with larger 2018 technology budgets are more likely to have in excess of 50% of their workloads implemented in the cloud. The cloud has not only changed life for the IT professional, but has also transformed today’s businesses at their core, leading to a significant step forward for many organizations.

The report concludes by saying, more than ever, smart technologies are poised to make a tremendous impact on business and they have the power to transform the business. However, that journey must be an intelligent one. Technology is evolving quickly and many solutions that a business employs today may become burdensome, or even obsolete, in the near future.

Here are some actions the report recommends:

  • IT managers should define the investments their company needs to make as well as map out their transformation journey.
  • IT professionals need to understand how to prioritize and invest to balance today’s and tomorrow’s needs.
  • By following the smartest path to transformation, IT professionals will power successful business outcomes today and beyond.

The full report can be found here: 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report.

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