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ITIL 4 Foundation: To Bridge or Not to Bridge…I have The Answer!

So by now you’ve heard about the change to the ITIL® framework: ITIL 4 is going live next month with a Foundation course and following that up with five advanced level books and two designations (Managing Professional and Strategic Leader).

Some of you who are already sitting at ITIL Expert (way to go!) have figured out that you need to take a bridging class – Managing Professional – to keep your equivalent distinction in place.

But what about the many, many people who have just completed their ITIL v3 Foundation certification?  What do they do?

1-2-3 Now 4!

Last week Axelos went public with the news that the "ITIL update" (which has been over 2 years in the works) will be called - wait for it - "ITIL 4"! I guess with the current version of ITIL being called "ITIL v3" - it didn't take a team of geniuses to come up with the name "ITIL 4". Although have you noticed the subtlety? It's not "ITIL v4" but "ITIL 4".

At Pink we've been working under NDA with Axelos for some time to help chart out what should be in this new version, and how it will be presented to the public at large. But that's not to say this is a new body of knowledge created by an elitist group. Axelos have sought input from many hundreds of people in all corners of the globe with the question "What would you like to see in an updated ITIL?"

Sparking the Need for Transformation

IT has sparked the need for some powerful practices and frameworks. Some of the most common ones that departments focus on are ITIL®, Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Organizational Change – each developed for different issues prevalent in IT:

  • ITIL focuses on standardization and structure
  • Agile provides feedback and iterative approach to projects and work
  • Lean focuses on customer value and continual improvement
  • DevOps changes the culture, adapting a cross functional way of teaming and leveraging technology for automation
  • Organizational change ensures that the behavioral component of change is considered and addressed

ALL provide positive contributions – the trick is to understand "fit for purpose" and recognize that individually, these are powerful but together, they are transformational!

We’ve Just Launched the Industry’s Most Business-Focused DevOps Course for Leaders!

You’ve heard the buzz around our DevOps Essentials course, which highlights the unique “Full Stack” approach, 15 must-have practices for DevOps and provides an assessment tool to help you  benchmark your DevOps journey.

And then you may have thought, “well, it’s hard to top this!”

Yet…we have!

We’re very excited to launch DevOps Leadership! This certification course builds on the fundamentals from DevOps Essentials and provides a few extras!

It’s All About Integrated Service Management

The scope of IT Service Management (ITSM) – as we’ve known it for almost 30 years – has been increasing recently.

Not only do we still have the core processes for ITSM, but we also have some related practices and guidance to help us address ITSM in the context of the fast changing business demands we’re all experiencing today. We’re talking Lean & Agile here.

Each of these provides additional approaches and value to help ensure that IT objectives and results are what the business really needs.

But it’s not all about documented practices.