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2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report

The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report, which was recently released by Insight Enterprises Inc., assesses IT industry trends as well as the primary concerns, challenges, advantages and decisions facing IT professionals. The report is based on a survey that analyzed information from over 400 respondents who are IT professionals and responsible for at least two of the following areas:

  • Management and supervision of IT systems
  • Determining IT needs for their company
  • Approving or selecting IT consultants.

We’ve highlighted the four key findings and what it means for IT professionals and the organizations they work for:

1-2-3 Now 4!

Last week Axelos went public with the news that the "ITIL update" (which has been over 2 years in the works) will be called - wait for it - "ITIL 4"! I guess with the current version of ITIL being called "ITIL v3" - it didn't take a team of geniuses to come up with the name "ITIL 4". Although have you noticed the subtlety? It's not "ITIL v4" but "ITIL 4".

At Pink we've been working under NDA with Axelos for some time to help chart out what should be in this new version, and how it will be presented to the public at large. But that's not to say this is a new body of knowledge created by an elitist group. Axelos have sought input from many hundreds of people in all corners of the globe with the question "What would you like to see in an updated ITIL?"

Pink’s CEO Scores A Hat Trick!

At Pink we already knew we had the best female business owner in Canada, now it's official! Last Friday night in a glittering ceremony in New York City, Pink Elephant's CEO, Fatima Cabral, walked away from the Stevie Awards with recognition in 3 different categories! Gold Stevie Award Female Entrepreneur of...