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Memorable Highlights from Pink19

The heart of ITSM is a beatin’ at Pink19!

The excitement ignited the moment an actual DeLorean drove on stage with Pink Elephant’s own ‘Doc’ and ‘Marty’. From that point, it was evident the 23rd Annual International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition would be extraordinary. Where else would the latest news and developments in the IT industry be shared in such a dramatic fashion?

IT Leadership Lessons Learned From “Back To The Future”

Way back in the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg produced the now-classic movie, Back To The Future. And at the same time in the UK a team of IT nerds were producing the first volumes of IT best practices, which came to be known as IT Service Management and ITIL™.

Back To The Future also had very successful sequels, including the futuristic images of 2015 with the flying hoverboard, remember that? (Do you have yours yet?!) ITIL has also been updated and had successful sequels too, including another one planned for early 2019.

Great Scott! Pink19 Takes You Back to the Future!

Hop on your hoverboard or get into your DeLorean and make your way to Pink19! Learn how to use Lean, ITIL®, Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management, and other practices to really drive business value.

Our theme, Back To The Future, gives you a key focus on the updated ITIL best practice framework.

We have it all – ITIL (updated!), Agile, Lean, a NEW approach to DevOps, Integrated Service Management, Organizational Change Management, Design Thinking and more! There is something for everyone – strategic, tactical, operational – we’ve got you covered! In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many organizations bring entire teams to the event!

We’ll show you how to go beyond just theory to achieve true business value and outcomes.

Pink Think Tank 17

Pink News Editor | April 23, 2018 Conferences
Imagine being a fly on the wall while renowned and respected thought leaders and subject matter experts share their knowledge and expertise as they discuss the current issues and trends affecting the IT industry. Imagine no more. You can be privy to their discussions – and their insights. Pink Elephant...

Troy DuMoulin - ITIL Update Power Hour

Pink News Editor | April 20, 2018 Conferences
"You can't govern what you can't see!"   At Pink18, Troy DuMoulin, Pink's VP of Research & Development, discussed why ITIL remains the best way for organizations to keep up with continual change.    During a Power Hour session with AXELOS' Margo Leach, Chief Products Officer,...

How ITIL has helped Qantas Airways’ Katrina MacDermid

Pink News Editor | April 18, 2018 Conferences
What would a world look like without ITIL? Katrina MacDermid, Manager of Service Integration, Design & Transition at Qantas Airways Limited, muses about this during an interview at the AXELOS booth at Pink18. She credits her knowledge and experience with ITIL in ensuring her progress, both personally and professionally, beyond...

Guess The Opening Keynote Speaker for Pink14!

Today we're excited to launch a fun competition linked to Pink14 - the 18th Annual International ITSM Conference & Exhibition. Every year we're proud to feature some great keynote speakers at our flagship Conference. And every year our customers tell us how the keynote speaker line-up just seems to gets better...