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A Cool Invitation to a Hot Event

Join us for THE ‘hottest’ event in Arizona in August, and be ‘cool’ as you join your leadership peers (in air-conditioned comfort) for PinkFORUM18. This intense three-day ITSM leadership forum focuses on the hottest IT service management topics, including Integrated Service Management. Learn how Integrated Service Management ties all the best practices and methodologies together to increase IT’s value and deliver successful business outcomes.

IT Leadership Lessons Learned From “Back To The Future”

Way back in the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg produced the now-classic movie, Back To The Future. And at the same time in the UK a team of IT nerds were producing the first volumes of IT best practices, which came to be known as IT Service Management and ITIL™.

Back To The Future also had very successful sequels, including the futuristic images of 2015 with the flying hoverboard, remember that? (Do you have yours yet?!) ITIL has also been updated and had successful sequels too, including another one planned for early 2019.

Why Choose Pink Elephant For Your ITSM Education?

1. Pink Elephant has trained close to 200,000 IT professionals in ITIL®. That's more than any other organization worldwide! 2. Pink Elephant offers the most comprehensive ITSM training program in the industry, addressing all modules at all levels of certification — Foundation, Practitioner, Manager and Executive. 3. Pink has an unrivaled pedigree in ITIL certification!...