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It’s all part of the game!

Guest Author | December 21, 2018 DevOps

An IT Executive's request: ‘I want my operations teams to understand more about DevOps, what it means to them in terms of a ‘mindset’ and behavior shift, and why adopting DevOps ways of working is necessary. We need to shift from a technology focus to a product and business value focus’.

Why this request?

As DevOps truly enters mainstream and Digital Transformation becomes the latest catchphrase, organizations are realizing that DevOps is, as the late Robert Stroud described it, an ‘imperative for survival’. But as Robert went on to add, ‘changing institutionalized behavior is the toughest of all management challenges’.

Five IT Service Management Trends for 2019

Well, another year is fast coming to a close, and 2018 seems to have flown by on a rocket-propelled hoverboard because so many things are changing!

As has been my habit over the past few years, I like to sit down and write my reflections about the past year as well as project what I believe will be the focus in 2019.

I predict the following five trends will impact our industry in a major but positive way in the coming year:

The Current Status Of DevOps

Pink News Editor | August 16, 2018 DevOps

IT industry experts and forecasters are all talking about it – the time for DevOps is now. Where is your organization with regards to applying DevOps? Are you on par with your peers?

An infographic published by Forrester Research shows that 90% of the DevOps professionals surveyed say their organizations have either implemented DevOps (13%), implemented and are expanding DevOps (50%) or are planning to implement DevOps within the next 12 months (27%).

DevOps Leadership: The Maserati Of Courses!

The words key and driving often call forth visions of cars.  So, imagine yourself driving a Maserati. C’mon, you know you’d feel powerful and in charge!  Right?

This is very apropos to our new DevOps Leadership certification course.   At Pink Elephant, we believe it is the Maserati of all our courses – and key to helping you drive business value.   One recent customer said, “it blew my mind!”.  And this is someone who has taken competitors’ courses!

Stop Talking and Start Communicating!

I am struck by the volume and frequency of talk in our industry around the need for better collaboration and communication in business and IT today. We have been talking about this for a very long time and even more so with the increased prominence of Agile, Lean, and DevOps.

I often ask clients and students how important collaboration and communication is to the success of their work and organization, and the answer is always “important.” My follow-up question is how effective is communication and collaboration in your organization, and invariably the responses range from OK, fair to poor. I do this to illustrate a point: why does this gap exist?

Sparking the Need for Transformation

IT has sparked the need for some powerful practices and frameworks. Some of the most common ones that departments focus on are ITIL®, Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Organizational Change – each developed for different issues prevalent in IT:

  • ITIL focuses on standardization and structure
  • Agile provides feedback and iterative approach to projects and work
  • Lean focuses on customer value and continual improvement
  • DevOps changes the culture, adapting a cross functional way of teaming and leveraging technology for automation
  • Organizational change ensures that the behavioral component of change is considered and addressed

ALL provide positive contributions – the trick is to understand "fit for purpose" and recognize that individually, these are powerful but together, they are transformational!

DevOps: Why The 15 Essential Practices Are Key To Your Organization’s Survival

The survival of many organizations depends on how quickly their IT department can help them adapt to a continual and rapidly-changing environment and deliver business value better, faster and cheaper.

The DevOps movement is designed to remove the blockages that hinder IT from delivering the value that the business requires, at the speed the business desires. Accordingly, organizations are heeding the call and IT is feeling the pressure to quickly adopt and successfully implement DevOps, but many are experiencing challenges in effectively applying the concept.

In response to this, Pink Elephant has developed a unique methodology consisting of 15 essential practices that allows organizations to implement DevOps through the ‘Full Stack’ of culture, practices and automation. This approach defines and provides guidance to help change the relationship between Application Development and Systems Operations, break down the “Wall of Confusion” and ensure effective collaboration.

IT Leadership Lessons Learned From “Back To The Future”

Way back in the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg produced the now-classic movie, Back To The Future. And at the same time in the UK a team of IT nerds were producing the first volumes of IT best practices, which came to be known as IT Service Management and ITIL™.

Back To The Future also had very successful sequels, including the futuristic images of 2015 with the flying hoverboard, remember that? (Do you have yours yet?!) ITIL has also been updated and had successful sequels too, including another one planned for early 2019.

Great Scott! Pink19 Takes You Back to the Future!

Hop on your hoverboard or get into your DeLorean and make your way to Pink19! Learn how to use Lean, ITIL®, Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management, and other practices to really drive business value.

Our theme, Back To The Future, gives you a key focus on the updated ITIL best practice framework.

We have it all – ITIL (updated!), Agile, Lean, a NEW approach to DevOps, Integrated Service Management, Organizational Change Management, Design Thinking and more! There is something for everyone – strategic, tactical, operational – we’ve got you covered! In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many organizations bring entire teams to the event!

We’ll show you how to go beyond just theory to achieve true business value and outcomes.