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IT Leadership Lessons Learned From “Back To The Future”

Way back in the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg produced the now-classic movie, Back To The Future. And at the same time in the UK a team of IT nerds were producing the first volumes of IT best practices, which came to be known as IT Service Management and ITIL™.

Back To The Future also had very successful sequels, including the futuristic images of 2015 with the flying hoverboard, remember that? (Do you have yours yet?!) ITIL has also been updated and had successful sequels too, including another one planned for early 2019.

Webinar Highlights: Shut Up Already & Start Practicing DevOps

According to George Spalding, Executive Vice President of Pink Elephant, ITIL® expert and a renowned authority on ITSM, many organizations are spending 70-80% of their entire IT budget on maintenance and keeping the lights on, instead of innovation and moving forward. In his webinar, Shut Up Already and Start Practicing DevOps, George states that DevOps is no longer optional; it is the way IT has to be done…now, to drive business value.

Shut Up Already & START Practicing DevOps – 15 Essential Practices & An Assessment Tool At The Ready!

Do we have your attention yet?

Pink’s DevOps Essentials™ certification course extols the virtues of practicing DevOps through the  unique ‘full stack’ approach that encompasses culture, practices and automation. In the course, we talk about what needs to change right now and we get very real, very specific with our 15 essential practices and we don’t avoid controversy just to be PC! We even provide an assessment tool to help you identify immediate changes and quick wins.