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Webinar Highlights: Mistakes, Missteps & Mistletoe – Using Relationship Management To Its Full Potential

Forget Being Naughty, It’s Time To Be BRM-Nice!

The camaraderie, goodwill, and harmony of the holiday season should be reflected in our relationships with our colleagues and business partners throughout the year. Rather than assign a business relationship management (BRM) role to a business partner (like a lot of organizations do) and then abandon them to it, embrace the concept. Give the gift of guidance to the BRM role because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Business Relationship Management Is A Practice Rather Than A Process

I find one of the biggest and most prevalent challenges to establishing a BRM capability is to look for a process in which to define your BRM activities. This is a mistake! Business Relationship Management is a practice across many processes rather than a single process in itself.

Business relationship management is a skilled role that is best positioned as a personal connector, facilitator, and leader between the business and the IT organization.