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Rapid Response: How to Identify and Agree on Improvement Ideas

Being able to quickly react and effectively solve IT problems is crucial to achieving business value in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace.

Savvy competitors have embraced Lean problem-solving and improvement methods – which are established and proven – to help organizations enhance the quality, speed, and cost of their products and services by focusing on value while removing waste.

Troy DuMoulin…an HDI Top 25 Thought Leader…Again!

Troy DuMoulin has once again been voted as an HDI Top 25 leader! Every year the technical support and service management community votes for the industry’s top influencers. 

And the criteria they keep in mind when they vote? According to HDI, “the winners are people who lead by example. They are practitioners and consultants. They blog. They speak at conferences and events. They tweet and share their insights on social media. They mentor us in the finer points of leadership, process improvement, and technology implementation. They provide guidance for the industry to help us all improve service delivery and advance our careers.”

Five IT Service Management Trends for 2019

Well, another year is fast coming to a close, and 2018 seems to have flown by on a rocket-propelled hoverboard because so many things are changing!

As has been my habit over the past few years, I like to sit down and write my reflections about the past year as well as project what I believe will be the focus in 2019.

I predict the following five trends will impact our industry in a major but positive way in the coming year:

Driving Maximum Business Value with Integrated Service Management

The ultimate goal is to enhance the delivery of business value by improving the end-to-end value chain and businesses are finding that ITIL, Agile, Lean and DevOps have all become essential tools to drive business value and high-quality customer service.

The next step in the evolution of IT service management is one of the most powerful and relevant. It takes the best of the best practices to create a fit-for-purpose approach.

Integrated Service Management addresses how ITIL, Lean, Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management and Business Relationship Management practices collectively enable process acceleration, increase efficiency, lower costs – and deliver business value.

Get an overview of the synergistic benefits of integrated service management with Troy DuMoulin’s three-part webinar series:

IT Leadership Lessons Learned From “Back To The Future”

Way back in the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg produced the now-classic movie, Back To The Future. And at the same time in the UK a team of IT nerds were producing the first volumes of IT best practices, which came to be known as IT Service Management and ITIL™.

Back To The Future also had very successful sequels, including the futuristic images of 2015 with the flying hoverboard, remember that? (Do you have yours yet?!) ITIL has also been updated and had successful sequels too, including another one planned for early 2019.

Great Scott! Pink19 Takes You Back to the Future!

Hop on your hoverboard or get into your DeLorean and make your way to Pink19! Learn how to use Lean, ITIL®, Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management, and other practices to really drive business value.

Our theme, Back To The Future, gives you a key focus on the updated ITIL best practice framework.

We have it all – ITIL (updated!), Agile, Lean, a NEW approach to DevOps, Integrated Service Management, Organizational Change Management, Design Thinking and more! There is something for everyone – strategic, tactical, operational – we’ve got you covered! In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many organizations bring entire teams to the event!

We’ll show you how to go beyond just theory to achieve true business value and outcomes.

Webinar Highlights: DevOps Leadership – Moving From Experimentation To Transformation

To remain competitive and support business objectives, many organizations are undertaking the initiative to implement DevOps – but are struggling to move their teams forward to realize the full benefits of a successful DevOps transformation.

Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research and Development at Pink Elephant provides vital information about the leadership skills and practical methods needed to lead a DevOps transformation during his webinar, DevOps Leadership – Moving From Experimentation To Transformation.

Webinar: DevOps Leadership – Moving From Experimentation To Transformation!

Many organizations are experimenting with DevOps but are uncertain of how to take the next steps to realize the wide-ranging potential of the DevOps ‘Full Stack’ approach to culture, practices and automation and the 15 essential practices. While their teams agree that change is necessary to remain competitive and support business objectives, most organizations are struggling with how to move the dial on their DevOps initiatives from experimentation to full adoption!

Crossing this chasm requires leadership skills and practical methods for leading a DevOps transformation. In response to this challenge, Pink Elephant has created the DevOps Leadership™ certification course. The foundation of this course is a newly-developed Integrated Change Management approach and tool kit known as “20/20”,  an innovative approach to help leaders and organizations clearly see the complete path to a successful DevOps transformation.

Webinar Highlights: The Positive Side Of An Endless Loop: How Leaders Create A Kaizen/Continuous Improvement Mindset

Today’s successful leaders are those who enable their teams to ‘deliver the goods’ – literally and figuratively.

The nature of work in the digital age requires that each individual, as well as each IT team, department or division adopt a continual improvement mindset and practice.

In his webinar, The Positive Side Of An Endless Loop: How Leaders Create A Kaizen/Continuous Improvement Mindset, Pink Elephant’s VP of Research & Development, Troy DuMoulin provides crucial tactics and approaches on how leaders can accomplish this.