Practitioner Radio Episode 21 - Culture & ITSM Transformation Projects

ITSM Transformations Are Really People Change Projects When it comes down to it you can buy a feature rich ITSM tool and even great looking documentation but you cannot buy the hearts and minds of your people. The culture of your organization has a major impact on your ability to deploy IT Service Management processes within your organization Join Chris and I as we discuss the difference between behaviour and cultural change and why understanding your cultural environment is a critical success factor for your ITSM project.

Culture & ITSM Transformation Projects - Practitioner Radio Episode 21 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo

Show Notes: Troy's Thunderbolt Tip: Remember that culture and behavior are two different things. Behavior can be adjusted in the short term through careful management. Culture will only change after time has passed and the transformation was proven successful. Focus on short term actions on changing behavior - with an goal of long term culture impact. Troy's and Chris's Thought's What Are Yours? “Change from the top down happens at the will and whim of those below.” ~Peter Block's, To subscribe to Pink's Podcasts on iTunes EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL: SEE CHRIS AND TROY RECORD LIVE AT PINK12!!!

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