Practitioner Radio Episode 5 - Release and Deployment

Join Chris Dancy and I as we take a we look at one of the major sources of un-planned downtime Release and Deployment Management. You may have heard that Change Management is the cause of the majority of production issues. In actual fact the process of Release and Deployment Process responsible for production assurance (ensuring fit for purpose quality of the release) is the true source of most service disruptions and one of the least mature Service Transition processes.

  • Pink Elephant 2011 Conference
  • Release Management and Risk!
  • Release Types
  • Troy's Blog Release Management Post Mentioned
  • Release is one of the MOST misunderstood processes!
  • Confusion of Release and Change together
  • What is change ACTUALLY about?
  • Release happens IN BETWEEN the change process!
  • What about Cloud computing for Release
  • Release Types, Project, Medium, Minor
  • Release is ensuring things are ready for PRIME TIME!
  • Talking with Customers?
  • Step by Step with Release Management
  • Examples of documentation
  • Release and PRE-PRODCUTION
  • The Release builder / project manager DOESN'T MAKE THE CALL!
  • The day of the RELEASE! (Get your release builder's resume ready)
  • Change is more like CHANGE control
  • Define the “Customer Environment”
  • Who's my customer?
  • Mountain Tops with Troy
  • Separation of Duties!

Troy's Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day Release and deployment two different parts of the process, release is production assurance, governance that attest it's ready to go primetime, deployment is after the change approval to promote is the one that packages and pushes to the organization. Two separate and distinct processes with different goals maybe even roles. Troy's Thoughts What About Yours? The release date is just one day, but the record is forever. ~Bruce Springsteen To subscribe to Pink's Podasts on iTunes

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Thanks for Practitioner Radio! The pod casts are very beneficial. Keep it up!

Lars Vesterberg | February 21, 2011 at 12:00pm

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