Stuck In the Middle with You

ITIL4 has landed!

But wait a hot second….I’m halfway to getting my ITILv3 Expert distinction! How dare they do this to me!

Does that sound like you? Are you in the middle of the ITILv3 certification scheme and now don’t know whether to march on or step back? Maybe I can help guide you on your journey.

For starters, let’s not forget that the ITILv3 content is relevant, organizations that adapt and apply this content can make significant strides in improving the value of services they provide. Don’t discount it. 

If you’ve been dabbling in the advanced level v3 content, you know what I mean. You, or your organization, has been making an investment in you and your time. There is an understanding of the value you can bring by taking the ITILv3 theory and putting it to use. Why stop now? 

You have roughly ten months to get your 17 credits. It boggles the mind as to how many combinations there are in achieving this:

ITILv3 Foundation-2 credits

ITIL Lifecycle courses-3 credits

ITIL Capability courses-4 credits

ITIL Practitioner-3 credits

*And don’t forget about credits you might be able to collect from the older ITILv2 courses.

By obtaining 17 of these credits you will qualify for THE ONLY bridge course available in ITIL4, the Managing Professional transition class which leads to…drum roll please….. ITIL Managing Professional designation!

As a famous brand would say: Just Do It!

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