Summer Travels - Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore & Arizona!

Just been reviewing my calendar and realized I have a busy travel schedule over the next few weeks. We have 4 major Pink events in 4 different countries and I'm speaking on the subject of "ITSM Leadership" at each one. Here's the full run down .... "8th Annual ITSM Conference" in Mexico City next week. My opening keynote is titled "ITSM Leadership: You Don't Need To Be In Charge To Get Results". "4th Annual ITSM Conference & Exhibition" presented mid-July in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore. I'm involved in 3 sessions:
  • The opening keynote - "Key Challenges For The ITSM Leader Today" - where I'll specifically include references to what I believe are challenges unique to delivering ITSM in Asia.
  • A co-presentation with Pink's George Spalding titled "Pink Elephant's Top 8 Absolute Must Do Projects For Every ITSM Organization"
  • The closing "Round-Table With The ITSM Experts" which I chair, and will be joined by Cathy Kirch of Allstate, Jerry York of University of Texas Health Science Center, Rich Razon of PureShare and Pink's own Troy DuMoulin & George Spalding.
"1st Annual ITSM Leadership Forum" presented mid-August in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm really excited about this new event on our calendar! Not only are we presenting it at one of my favourite venues, the Fairmont Princess Resort, but also because of the format. We're facilitating a series of deep discussions into a couple of dozen high priority concerns that ITSM leaders are struggling with today. I present the opening and closing keynotes as well as facilitate a breakout discussion group:
  • The opening keynote is titled "Vision, Strategy & Leadership In IT Service Management".
  • The closing keynote is a repeat of what I present in Mexico next week - "ITSM Leadership: You Don't Need To Be In Charge To Get Results".
  • And the breakout discussion is all about how the Cloud can be exploited by ITSM - "Should ITSM Tools Be Located On Premise Or In The Cloud As SaaS?". A little provocative sounding, maybe, but a topic many of our customers want to talk about.
Let me know if you're planning to be at one of these events and I'll make a point of looking you up to say "Hi!" (or "¡Hola").

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