Thoughts On The “New Edition” of ITIL

My PinkBUDDY, Pierre Bernard, has done a deep analysis of the ITIL change log and has identified well over 400 "issues". He's further documented them into an Excel spreadsheet highlighting not only what they are, but also which books they pertain to. I am not sure if he is permitted to publish this document publicly, but if anyone is interested I'll check and see if it can be made available. I've read on the blogosphere that some cynics believe that ATOs are rubbing their hands together about the revision because it allows them to sell more courses. For anyone who truly believes this - check your naivety. We've just spent nearly 2 years developing - and re-developing - a ton of courses in support of this needlessly complex and confusing certification scheme (f you've missed what I think of the current ITIL certification scheme, check back in the archives of this blog). The last thing we want is to have to do yet another re-work. It will have to be done, of course, because everything needs to be in alignment. Just a shame these errors and inconsistencies weren't identified at the outset through a decent QA. Come to think of it - everyone and their dog seemed to be listed in the acknowledgements section of the books - credited with performing various types of review. What the heck were they doing!! So, the $64m question has to be - how did a product like ITIL get released with so many imperfections? OK - I don't expect to hear anyone attempt to answer this because it will mean pointing fingers and assigning blame. I can tell you this, though, if we ever delivered work of this standard to a customer, we would expect to be drawn into compensation discussions fairly quickly.

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Hi David.
I’m interested in the analysis as I have written a couple RFQ’s there myself. I do not think they represent a good review, I wrote mine mostly out of curiosity to see how the thing works.

Aale Roos | September 20, 2009 at 10:35am

I’ll email you directly, Aale.

David Ratcliffe, President | September 20, 2009 at 12:04pm

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