What’s New in ITIL 4

Pink leads the way (again!)

ITIL 4 was launched on February 15 in Las Vegas at Pink19, the world’s leading ITSM conference.  Not only was the event a great place for over 1500 attendees to hear about the content of ITIL4 for the first time, the event also included close to 100 people who participated in the world’s first round of ITIL 4 certification courses, and over 200 more have purchased our self-paced online

Pink Elephant has been at the 4front of ITIL development since our inception (there’s a reason why we call ourselves “the ITIL experts”) and two of Pink’s consultants have been major contributors to the content of ITIL 4.

The great news is that after 25 years and three earlier versions, ITIL 4 is being welcomed with open arms. Already, hundreds of IT professionals are seeing that ITIL 4 is a winning 4mula 4 ITSM Success! Digital trans4mation is a game changer in the world of IT and ITIL 4 is providing IT organizations with the means to attain and maintain competitiveness in the ever-evolving global economy.

ITIL 4 puts an emphasis on business value, which is achieved through the integration of various frameworks – such as Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps – that provide a holistic end-to-end picture. A huge ITIL 4 differentiator is the Service Value System that demonstrates how opportunity/demand is turned into value.

For more information on ITIL 4, read our Pink paper: ITIL In4mation: What’s New in ITIL 4

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