The 5 Most Popular Pink Blogs Of 2018

Pink News Editor | December 24, 2018 | 1 comments

At Pink Elephant, we want to make sure we tell you like it is.

Individually and collectively, our thought leaders and experts work hard throughout each year to keep you informed about the latest information and trends in the IT service management industry. 2018 has been a very active year for Pink Elephant. Our blogs have covered a wide range of topics that vary from Agile and artificial intelligence, to Change Management and DevOps, to ITIL 4 and Integrated Service Management, to Lean Leadership and Lean Kaizen, to Organizational Change Management and Problem Management and Service Strategy.

As 2018 draws to a close, let’s take a look at the five blogs that resonated with you the most.

In ascending order, here are the five most popular Pink blogs of 2018:


5. DevOps Leadership: The Maserati Of Courses!

Are you ready to grab the wheel of one of the most powerful bodies of knowledge and navigate DevOps Leadership: the Maserati Of Courses? Read about the exclusive features that are key to driving business value.


4. My Airline Lost Me – A Lesson in the Definition of Service

One of the most basic tenets of service is to know your customer, but maybe it should instead be to acknowledge that your actually customer exists! Read this entertaining true-life story, My Airline Lost Me – A Lesson in the Definition of Service to learn how NOT to treat your customers!


3. My ITIL 4 Journey (Moving From WHAT? To Wow!)

Read about ITIL expert Robin Hysick’s personal perspective on the evolution of ITIL, My ITIL 4 Journey (Moving From WHAT? To Wow! With the dawn of ITIL 4 on the horizon, there may be conflicting feelings of both excitement and caution – but change is an ever-increasing constant that needs to be embraced as the IT industry moves, ever faster, to digital transformation.


2. 1-2-3 Now 4!

Pink Elephant continues its influential and hands-on role in the development of ITIL 4. Pink Elephant President David Ratcliffe provides good news about ITIL 4 in his post, 1-2-3 Now 4!


1. Are Incident and Problem Management Important Anymore?

Pink Elephant Principal Consultant Charlie Miles provides a thoughtful exploration of the topic: Are Incident and Problem Management Important Anymore? Although it seems the answer should be obvious, Charlie offers information that may surprise you.


With the dawn of 2019, there are many exciting developments in IT, especially the launch of ITIL 4 at Pink19! Stay tuned to our Pink blog for all the latest news, views and trends!

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