My Airline Lost Me – A Lesson in the Definition of Service

If you know me, you know that I travel quite a bit. But something just happened to me that has never happened before; my airline lost me.

First, a quick back story: Recently, I flew out of Phoenix to Burbank, and had quite an enjoyable flight experience (I was upgraded to first class!) – it was a short, smooth, comfortable flight on a nice early autumn day. My flight back, however, was a different story. When it was time to check in for my return flight at the end of the week my reservation was no longer active. I called the customer support line, and the customer service rep said, “according to our system you were a no-show for the flight out of Phoenix, therefore the reservation was canceled.”

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Where Are We?

Everyone around the table agrees, “What we’re currently doing is not good. We’re not providing value to the business. We need to CHANGE!”

Someone innocently asks, “Where should we start?”

Instantly, eight hands go up – each person has their own ideas and agendas. As the confusion grows, the transformation is deferred but the pain remains.

Sound familiar? I hear the same thing every week.

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In Honor of Football Season: Talent or Strategy?

Being a sports fan, I often find service management analogies in sports. So in honor of the beginning of football season, I would like to present the similarities between a football team’s season success to the success or failure of service management (although I do realize this may prevent me from being invited to your Super Bowl party!)

My premise: A team full of great football players may not always be the best team in the league, or even win many games for that matter.

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