The Immediate Golden Nugget of Value in ITIL

ITIL is an amazingly well thought out service management framework that I continue to find intricacies and nuances in even though I have worked with it for almost 20 years. I have recently been exploring how to get immediate value from ITIL – if I were to choose what part of ITIL could deliver the most value with the least amount of resource investment, what would it be?

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What Kind of Training Do I Need for My Team?

So, you’ve taken the plunge and put your team/staff through ITIL Foundation…and they all passed!  That’s fantastic, it means they were engaged and likely left the course with a good understanding of the ITIL framework and end-to-end service lifecycle.

But guess what? I am willing to bet there are a number of keeners approaching you for more training.  “Boss, Foundation was great, but I need more! I want to excel at being the ABC Process Manager! We at the ServiceDesk want to improve the customer experience and need deeper knowledge!”

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