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Pink News Editor | January 10, 2019

HAPPY 2019! What's in store for the new year? Our experts weigh in on expected ITSM trends for 2019, Pink's CEO - Fatima Cabral - delves into Pink's ITIL involvement throughout its history and what you can look forward with ITIL 4, and GamingWorks' Paul Wilkinson guest blogs about DevOps and leadership challenges! Scroll down to read more.

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Webinar Highlights: Dynamic Duo Delivers Action Advice On Problem Management

Every organization has problems – some are small, some are substantial, and some snowball to become colossal. They all have the potential to diminish or devastate the delivery of business value. When these challenges happen, we often wish for a super hero to swoop in and resolve the situation. Pink Elephant has the next best thing… 

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Continuing the ITIL Revolution with ITIL 4

From the time we first brought ITIL to North America (and the world!) more than 20 years ago, Pink Elephant has remained at the forefront of ITIL’s evolution, and the ITIL revolution!

We’re very proud to say that we were the first to recommend that the core knowledge become a certified program, way back in the late 80s, and our world-renowned experts have been providing input, authoring books and developing in-depth courses ever since.

It’s important to remember that ITIL is a body of knowledge, and it always has been.

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The 5 Most Popular Pink Blogs Of 2018

Pink News Editor | December 24, 2018 | 1 comments

At Pink Elephant, we want to make sure we tell you like it is.

Individually and collectively, our thought leaders and experts work hard throughout each year to keep you informed about the latest information and trends in the IT service management industry. 2018 has been a very active year for Pink Elephant. Our blogs have covered a wide range of topics that vary from Agile and artificial intelligence, to Change Management and DevOps, to ITIL 4 and Integrated Service Management, to Lean Leadership and Lean Kaizen, to Organizational Change Management and Problem Management and Service Strategy.

As 2018 draws to a close, let’s take a look at the five blogs that resonated with you the most.

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It’s all part of the game!

Guest Author | December 21, 2018 DevOps

An IT Executive's request: ‘I want my operations teams to understand more about DevOps, what it means to them in terms of a ‘mindset’ and behavior shift, and why adopting DevOps ways of working is necessary. We need to shift from a technology focus to a product and business value focus’.

Why this request?

As DevOps truly enters mainstream and Digital Transformation becomes the latest catchphrase, organizations are realizing that DevOps is, as the late Robert Stroud described it, an ‘imperative for survival’. But as Robert went on to add, ‘changing institutionalized behavior is the toughest of all management challenges’.

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