2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report

The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index report, which was recently released by Insight Enterprises Inc., assesses IT industry trends as well as the primary concerns, challenges, advantages and decisions facing IT professionals. The report is based on a survey that analyzed information from over 400 respondents who are IT professionals and responsible for at least two of the following areas:

  • Management and supervision of IT systems
  • Determining IT needs for their company
  • Approving or selecting IT consultants.

We’ve highlighted the four key findings and what it means for IT professionals and the organizations they work for:

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Shadow IT, Cloud Services and Digital Transformation

Shadow IT is not a new phenomenon, it has existed since technology, technical savvy and know-how left the Data Center. IT management has complained a lot about it, but generally has either not done anything about it, accepted it for what it is, or been unsuccessful in addressing it. But now it has become critical to address Shadow IT as it is, and will, continue to be a factor that is driving digital transformation in your organization.

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