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Where Are We?

Everyone around the table agrees, “What we’re currently doing is not good. We’re not providing value to the business. We need to CHANGE!”

Someone innocently asks, “Where should we start?”

Instantly, eight hands go up – each person has their own ideas and agendas. As the confusion grows, the transformation is deferred but the pain remains.

Sound familiar? I hear the same thing every week.

DevOps: Why The 15 Essential Practices Are Key To Your Organization’s Survival

The survival of many organizations depends on how quickly their IT department can help them adapt to a continual and rapidly-changing environment and deliver business value better, faster and cheaper.

The DevOps movement is designed to remove the blockages that hinder IT from delivering the value that the business requires, at the speed the business desires. Accordingly, organizations are heeding the call and IT is feeling the pressure to quickly adopt and successfully implement DevOps, but many are experiencing challenges in effectively applying the concept.

In response to this, Pink Elephant has developed a unique methodology consisting of 15 essential practices that allows organizations to implement DevOps through the ‘Full Stack’ of culture, practices and automation. This approach defines and provides guidance to help change the relationship between Application Development and Systems Operations, break down the “Wall of Confusion” and ensure effective collaboration.